Kudos to you for having a professional like Juliet Plemons on your staff. And, if you had anything to do with her hire make that a double kudos.In this sue crazy, back biting, negative talking society we live in, too many times professionalism, courtesy and downright friendliness goes unreported. Knowing that you are going to have an MRI sort of ranks right up there as pleasant as a dental appointment. Having an MRI is not my first rodeo but the open bore is. I have experienced, much to my chagrin, the dreaded closed bore and the not as clinically effective open air and although the open bore is obviously so much better in every way to the others I was still apprehensive. The complete experience was made so much more pleasant by Ms Plemons. Prior to, during and after the MRI her attention to detail and willingness to ensure my comfort was much appreciated. As a former supervisor in the work force it’s the people that make the “boss” successful. Please convey my appreciation to her for “a job well done”.

Kenneth J. Ehrenfeld


I would like to share my experience with Provision as I was battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.During the time of living with fear, chemotherapy and feeling so sick, whenever I would go to get my pet scans, I literally would feel moments of joy. Will, who would administer my IV, would always make me laugh and encourage me that the scans would be good! It was a positive experience, rather than a dreaded one that many people would think it would be. I was left in the room with a warm blanket to await my scan, which was very comforting. One time I was so very ill that my dr wanted me to have an MRI, they got me in and out really fast, because I was so nauseated. They were genuinely concerned for me while the scan was going on. I felt at peace even with the embarrassment of being so sick. The staff is so pleasant. I have been free of the disease for almost 3 years. As I look back on my journey with Hodgkins, Provision is always a positive memory. Whenever a co-worker or friend is in need of imaging, I go on and on about how wonderful they are. I am so grateful for them.


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